CEBIT 2018
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d!conomy - no limits

Ideas and solutions for a digital world

Artificial intelligence, humanoid robots, virtual reality: new technologies are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible. What does this mean for society, the economy and concretely for your company? What new business models bring the most value? Dive into the fascinating digital future – at the world's biggest digitization showcase.

Discover d!conomy Tour 2017

Compare the digital standards of your own company to the current benchmark. Experience this and much more. Go on a tour of discovery and experience all of the opportunities and possibilities that digitization has to offer.


d!conomy - no limits

What was pure science fiction just a few years ago has become reality today. Limitless business opportunities lie ahead. Experience all the key technologies for the digital transformation in one place – at CeBIT in Hannover.

A digital journey in three parts

An endless succession of technologies and ideas are constantly redefining the economic status quo. Explore the digital future: Here we offer you a three-part presentation of the key themes surrounding digitization – which were also the focus topics for CeBIT 2017.

The d!conomy is opening up endless business opportunities. Which ones will you take advantage of? Be inspired and find concrete solutions.


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