CeBIT 2017, 20 - 24 March

CeBIT 2017, 20 - 24 March
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Digitalization made tangible

Self-driving cars, intelligent T-shirts and automated factories – these are just a few examples of the many amazing things made possible by the digital transformation. Find out what the transformation can mean for you and your business by checking out the "d!conomy" showcase named after this year's lead theme for CeBIT. Here, 21 hand-picked exhibitors tangibly bring the digital future to life. Immerse yourself in the possible. Enjoy!

3 billion
Internet users
50 billion
Connected devices
2 billion
Social accounts
2.5 quintillion
Bytes per day

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Showcases at a glance
Select one of the many exhibitors with exciting d!conomy showcases


Abas Logo

Hall 5, Stand C18

Traditional business models face an increasing pressure through digitization and new disruptive technologies. At hall 5, C18 the ERP experts of abas Software AG will take you on a tour exploring risks and opportunities for your business.

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Airbus Logo

Hall 6, Stand G28

Airbus Defence and Space presents a Cyber Defence Centre at CeBIT in hall 6, booth G28. Experts show live the process of detection, analysis and reaction to cyber-attacks with the support of state-of-the-art technologies as well as threat intelligence and expertise.

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Amazon Logo

Hall FG, Stand N18

As the world's largest manufacturer of cleaning equipment, Kärcher operates its global website as well as its fleet management solution thanks to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Using AWS allows Kärcher to develop products granting customers a clever and better connected experience.

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Cloud and Heat

Cloud and Heat Logo

Hall 11, Stand D61/3

We establish a distributed data center infrastructure, which is a worldwide unique solution with a PUE value of 1.01.

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Cooper Copter

Cooper Copter Logo

Hall 16, Stand D36

Drones, big data and the digitalization of the environment: How drones coupled with sensors and connected to big data will change the way we perceive the natural world - in agriculture, forestry and environmental protection.

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Eurotech Logo

Hall 13, Stand D78

Today M2M / IoT solutions, based on open and industry standards, are already dramatically changing and improving the way existing business processes are being enhanced. There has also been a breakthrough in the way that new business models are implemented, they are effectively leveraging vital data coming from local and remote assets and sources. Eurotech, with their partners, will demonstrate this in the IoT Solutions area in Hall 13 / E77.

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Fraunhofer ISST

Fraunhofer ISST Logo

Hall 6, Stand B36

At CeBIT, Fraunhofer will be demonstrating the INDUSTRIAL DATA SPACE concept and the possibilities it presents. Some 70 application scenarios have been developed; they are represented by the example of a smart air freight container.

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Green City Solutions

Green City Solutions Logo

Hall 4, Stand B72

We address the global problem of air pollution by combining a special moss culture with IoT technology. Each "CityTree" has the effect of up to 275 urban trees, yet it requires less than 1% of the space and no groundwork. In addition, analogue information and digital content could be implemented.

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Logo

Hall 4, Stand B04

Accelerating next - Ready for the idea economy - Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) presents innovative technology and pioneering solutions.

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Huawei Logo

Hall 2, Stand B54

Huawei will showcase innovative ICT products and solutions together with partners at Hall 2 B54, and will host Global Safe City Summit, Global Financial Service Industry Summit, and Global Internet Service Provider Summit at NORDLB (Hall 37).

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IBM Logo

Hall 2, Stand A10

CeBIT 2016 for IBM will mark the beginning of a new computer era. Programmable computers will be replaced by cognitive systems. These systems are able to recognize patterns and connections in unstructured data hence to "understand" them. This is the new era of "cognitive business", in which IBM welcomes all visitors. This is the new era of "cognitive business", in which IBM welcomes all visitors.

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Hall 5, Stand A05

At the INTEC International GmbH show-truck, a joined effort of 7 partners will demonstrate, how d!conomy can be done in reality: d!conomy: join – create – succeed!

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Intel Logo

Hall 2, Stand B30

The creative potential of IoT applications soon becomes clear with TracoVino – the Internet of Things for winemakers with nine million hectares of cropland around the world. Networked sensors provide a detailed insight into the soil and climate conditions in the vineyard.

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Kyocera Logo

Hall 3, Stand B20

At many companies it’s already a reality: the digitization and central management of documents like customer files, incoming mail and invoices. The result is streamlined workflows and improved efficiency.

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Land Brandenburg

Land Brandenburg Logo

Hall 7, Stand B42

Attention Police, freeze! – The first full digitalized German police car is in the State of Brandenburg on duty! Brandenburg police have developed a uniform and secure communication platform in cooperation with industry. This may be used in different types of radio patrol vehicles.

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Microsoft Logo

Hall 4, Stand C31

Urban Pulse & Microsoft Azure: Every day local governments collect a vast amount of data from diverse municipal sources. Usually these data sets are saved separately – such as in a silo – and only considered on an individual basis. Using Microsoft Azure – and soon Microsoft Cloud Germany – "[ui!] the urban institute®" unites these data silos into a single, useable information source.

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Salesforce Logo

Hall 23, Stand A01

From service experience to marketing cloud - Digital transformation must be centered around customers, consumers and a whole new service experience. Coca-Cola Erfrischungsgetränke GmbH will present their digital agenda. Explore also the world’s leading digital marketing platform for building and managing 1-to-1 customer journeys across email, mobile, social, ads, and the Web. See how Marketing Cloud connects marketing, sales, service, and more.

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SAP Logo

Hall 4, Stand C04

Live Stadium Experience: For soccer fans all across Germany, a Bundesliga match day is an unforgettable experience. Our Live Stadium Experience scenario will show what could soon be possible at the connected stadiums of the future.

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T-Systems Logo

Hall 4, Stand C38

The Internet of Things (IoT) requires a very special, large-scale infrastructure. Planning, production, logistics – all business areas will have to be digitally relinked. The "Multi-IoT Platform" is the ideal setting where visitors at CeBIT can experience these innovative developments in action: The ideal platform for the Internet of Things

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TomTom Logo

Hall 13, Stand E86

Upgrade your taxi with tomorrow’s technology: The latest taxi solution from Frogne incorporates fiscal taximeter, world class TomTom navigation and payment technology offering superior functionality and valuable benefits to your taxi business, on a TomTom Bridge.

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Vodafone Logo

Pavillon, Stand 36

Production and maintenance costs need to be constantly reduced while simultaneously increasing availability rates and safeguarding quality standards. Feintool can now offer an interesting, cost-efficient solution: FeinMonitoring

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Discover d!conomy

Exciting trends, ingenious solutions: Discover how the digital transformation will reshape our economy and society. At CeBIT 2017.