CeBIT 2018, 11 - 15 June

CeBIT 2018, 11 - 15 June
CeBIT 2017 Product Innovations

The Innovations that drive the Digital Transformation

In the digital economy, business is done differently. Innovative CRM tools enable even hundreds of thousands of customers to be reached in a personal way. New trends in cloud computing make big data manageable and ease the workload of IT departments. Social and mobile apps take over the office and reinvent the way we work. Discover the most important IT trends for the digital business world. Under one roof.

Digital Office - ECM/Input/Output | 26 Apr. 2017

Smiles all round

Document management and ECM expert codia Software GmbH is pleased with the high volume of talks it conducted at CeBIT 2017, with existing... more

Big Data & Business Intelligence | 24 Apr. 2017

Breakfast Club

acmeo, specialist distributor of managed services, system house organization and cloud products, racked up its volume of product evaluations... more

Business Electronics & Equipment | 19 Apr. 2017

No more NAS-ty surprises!

At CeBIT 2017 in Hannover, U.S. manufacturer ioSAFE celebrated the market launch of its fire- and water-resistant NAS systems in Germany,... more

Public Sector Parc | 17 Apr. 2017

We need to change our way of thinking

As Albert Einstein himself once said, the world cannot be changed without changing the way we think. Opened in early April 2017 with a... more

Business Electronics & Equipment | 14 Apr. 2017

Two worlds - one scanner!

CeBIT 2017 in Hannover not only marked the announcement of future collaboration between Zeutschel and PhaseOne - it also played host to the... more

Digital Office - ECM/Input/Output | 12 Apr. 2017

A great start by all accounts!

CeBIT 2017 saw JustOn GmbH make its debut appearance at the fair and was a great success for the team of developers behind its... more

Digital Health | 10 Apr. 2017

Live long and prosper!

Hamburg-based connected GmbH is exhibiting its product "LifeTime"at the Bitkom industry association partners stand to promote a... more

Business Electronics & Equipment | 07 Apr. 2017

Thunderbolt - Part 3!

At CeBIT 2017, QNAP Systems showcased a number of highlights including its first Thunderbolt-3 NAS systems, innovative QTS-IoT servers, NAS... more

Startups | 05 Apr. 2017

Right on the button!

This year sees tapdo making its CeBIT premiere at SCALE11. tapdo is a smart button developed by a company of the same name that can control... more

Business Electronics & Equipment | 03 Apr. 2017

An art scanner worthy of the great masters

The WideTEK 36ART unveiled by Image Access GmbH at CeBIT 2017 is the world's first large-format scanner designed specifically for the kind... more

Planet Reseller | 30 Mar. 2017

A compact remote control you are bound to click with!

Z-Wave Europe GmbH, Europe’s largest distributor for smart home devices that use Z-Wave wireless technology, is at CeBIT 2017 in Hannover... more

Communication & Networks | 29 Mar. 2017

A dynamic strategic alliance

To coincide with CeBIT 2017, Huawei, the global specialist for information technology and telecoms solutions, has announced a new... more

ERP & HR Solutions | 28 Mar. 2017

Getting everyone on board

Billed as highly intelligent HR management software, HRlab is designed to streamline administration of operational processes and workflows... more

Hardware & Devices | 27 Mar. 2017

Play hard, learn hard

Albert Einstein described play as "the highest form of research". If so, it seems Chinese company Makeblock is on a mission to create... more

Communication & Networks | 26 Mar. 2017

Somewhere over the Rainbow

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise (ALE) is exhibiting the latest developments in its communications platforms and on-demand solutions at CeBIT 2017... more

Communication & Networks | 25 Mar. 2017

An open-plan visual network

Leading network video supplier Axis Communications from Sweden is at CeBIT 2017 to show how simply and effectively its products can be... more

Datacenter Infrastructure | 24 Mar. 2017

Thinking inside the box?

German company CLOUD & HEAT offers data center solutions for SMEs that are configured to customer requirements, based on in-house... more

Security | 24 Mar. 2017

Stay one step ahead of data thieves!

Airbus CyberSecurity is at CeBIT 2017 to showcase its entire range of products and services for protecting against cyber threats in our... more

Startups | 23 Mar. 2017

An app to get from A to B!

Berlin residents are set for a first, as start-up MotionTag prepares to roll out a new seamless ticketing technology for the German... more

ERP & HR Solutions | 23 Mar. 2017

Fingers on buzzers, please!

timeBuzzer GmbH is exhibiting a gadget of the same name at the pavilion for young, innovative companies at CeBIT 2017, a device that offers... more