CeBIT 2017, 20 - 24 March

CeBIT 2017, 20 - 24 March
CeBIT 2017 Product Innovations

The Innovations that drive the Digital Transformation

In the digital economy, business is done differently. Innovative CRM tools enable even hundreds of thousands of customers to be reached in a personal way. New trends in cloud computing make big data manageable and ease the workload of IT departments. Social and mobile apps take over the office and reinvent the way we work. Discover the most important IT trends for the digital business world. Under one roof.

Digital Office - ECM/Input/Output | 27 Feb. 2017

Innovative text recognition? Just what the doctor ordered!

KADMOS, a leading supplier of OCR and ICR technologies, is showcasing the brand new version 7.0 of its KADMOS best OCR and ICR text... more

Business Electronics & Equipment | 27 Feb. 2017

A real treat for early adopters and old-school fans!

Fujitsu is showcasing three brand new 2-in-1 devices in Hannover that combine the advantages of tablet and notebook to deliver the optimum... more

ERP & HR Solutions | 24 Feb. 2017

Safety first!

Did you know that efficiently networked ERP solutions can make vehicles safer by acting as nerve centers for multiple systems? asseco... more

Research & Innovation | 24 Feb. 2017

Don’t worry – everything’s in hand!

Datalogic is at CeBIT 2017 with the RIDA healthcare handheld scanner for excellent image capture and 1D/2D barcode scanning – even when... more

Business Security | 23 Feb. 2017

Password? What password?

Before computers, a good, solid lock and key were all you needed to protect your worldly possessions and confidential information. These... more

Datacenter Infrastructure | 23 Feb. 2017

Keeping the future green

Thanks to innovative room design and ingenious technology, the data centers that maincubes is exhibiting at CeBIT 2017 can boast first-class... more

Security | 22 Feb. 2017

The gateway to great security

Kirchheim-based genua gmbh, an IT security specialist certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), is exhibiting... more

Communication & Networks | 22 Feb. 2017

Do Siri, Cortana and Alexa have a big brother?

It’s all-too easy to put your trust in voice-based assistance systems. However, SemVox GmbH is skeptical about the data security of... more

Communication & Networks | 21 Feb. 2017

The Ferrari of UC solutions

Brandenburg-based Ferrari electronic AG has made a name for itself in unified communications (UC) and is at CeBIT to showcase its portfolio... more

Marketing & Sales Solutions | 21 Feb. 2017

The customer is king – and so are the staff!

"Connecting people" is the slogan that CAS Software AG is exhibiting under at CeBIT 2017. The company is set to show how its software can be... more

Communication & Networks | 20 Feb. 2017

Quality, reliability and service – a well-trodden path for Auerswald

Auerswald is a German manufacturer of ICT systems and IP telephones and, in 2016, it yet again topped the "markt intern" performance ratings... more

Public Sector Parc | 20 Feb. 2017

"What’s the best way to get up that mountain?

Just start walking and don’t think about it!" It sounds straightforward enough and, in fact, it’s also how a lot of people approach a... more

Automotive & Mobility | 17 Feb. 2017

The evolution of automotive e-species

The ACM Project is exhibiting the first fully fledged “CITY eTAXI” show car at CeBIT 2017. This all-electric urban light vehicle is destined... more

Business Security | 17 Feb. 2017

"Password" is not a good password!

MATESO GmbH is exhibiting the new version of its renowned Password Safe software under the banner "unlimited security" at CeBIT 2017. more

Big Data & Business Intelligence | 16 Feb. 2017

Surfing the storm floods of data

Startup innoSEP is determined to turn the tidal wave of data to companies’ advantage with its big data analysis model for measurement and... more