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"You are the Barcamp!"

Barcamps at the CeBIT 2017 – Innovative knowledge transfer concerning all aspects which moves us today.


In many areas of societial life the digital transformation has become already highly influential. Inevitable connected with this development are an enormous complexity increase and the blurring of borders which reveals great challenges for the corporations. Under such circumstances the mutual understanding and the common, solution-oriented decision-making processes regarding the future are crucial. Big Data, Cloud Computing, Mobile Devices and Internet Security are extremely intertwined and do have immense impact on the economy and the society in total. Actually the Internet of Things (IoT) and the all-embracing connectivity initiatives drive the development of new business models, new production lines and new products of all kind. With the three barcamps hosting the topics "Internet of Things", "Research and Innovation" and "Scale11" central areas of the CeBIT are debated in a quite unconventional manner. Together with You we’re ready to design the digitale transformation.

"Internet of Things", "Research and Innovation", "SCALE11": Interdisciplinary exchanges in central areas of the CeBIT 2017

The three events hosting the topics "Internet of Things", "Research and Innovation" and "Scale11" which will be conducted in the related exhibition halls are conceptualized as typical barcamps. The basic idea is that the whole content and the schedule of these three barcamps lie completely in the hand of the participants. "You are the Barcamp!" There is no rigid program organized in advance, with fixed topics and speakers, and there is no difference between speaker and audience. Each participant can and should be active with own topic proposals & subsequent sessions or be an active part of the debates in the sessions.

The maxime of the barcamp format is: "No spectators, only participants!" By this method each barcamp facilitates a very intense exchange of knowledge and experiences with plenty of room for presentations, discussions and interactions. All participants are actively involved, and the open atmosphere in combination with the possibility to take direct responsibility and to shape the discussions immediately enable very creative, innovative und participatory events. All participants does have the same rights and duties. Hierarchies and similar differences are consciously suspended during the barcamp processes to allow an open and honest exchange at eye level. This highly inclusive event format offers not only for the digital natives of the Generation Y but also for the digital immigrants the chance to experience a very trustworthy opportunity for the exchange of ideas and knowledge concerning all aspects of the "d!conomy".

Barcamp "SCALE11" – Knowledge Transfer and Networking

SCALE11-Enthusiasts understand the barcamp format as far more than a simple arbitrary event alternative: For them it is an often-practised working method since years. Besides that not only the digital natives know since the first barcamps which were invented by Tim O’Reilly ("Web 2.0") 2003 in the San Francisco Bay Area that the realization of innovations needs highly divers participants and a very intense form of dialogue and interactions among them. Who if not Start ups use these unconventional forms of encountering and networking with colleagues of different branches in a very agile way where the most different stake holders become active participants during the process?

At the CeBIT 2017 the participants of the "SCALE11"-Barcamp have the chance to talk with young & older entrepreneurs, CEOs and potential investors in this session on eye level about topics like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data & Analytics, Digital Health, eCom-merce, HR (Education, Gamification, Recruiting), FinTech, Mobility & Automotive (Private Mobility) and the virtual reality without any pre-arranged agenda, without hierarchies, spontaneously and unmediated, face to face.

Barcamp "Internet of Things" – Welcome to Work 4.0 and Smart, Connected Products

Barcamps sympathize like the Internet of Things trend with the disruption approach. Elements of traditional event formats will be enhanced through this innovative way of en-countering and collaborating. Similar to a IoT solution during a barcamp different compo-nents become interrelated, do influence each other and generate by this kind of networking a very intensive, valuable communication system.

During the CeBIT camp "Internet of Things" 2017 in hall 12 experts of OEM, system integrators, Big Data ware houses and traditional corporations from all possible branches will meet with curious attendants of the CeBIT 2017 and discuss in the sessions vertical solutions, product innovations, disruptive business models and industry integrating benchmarks. Each participant does have the chance to present his or her topic or project, to gain new experiences and insights, to expand his or her social network and to create a special end-to-end solution within this barcamp.

Barcamp "Research / Innovation" – Research symposium of the new century

Exactly as the digital production field is working does the barcamp format also facilitates creativity and innovation. The "Research und Innovation" barcamp in hall 6 at the CeBIT 2017 targets the interface between science and economy where the technology transfer happens. Researcher meet with politicians and industry people in a relaxed atmosphere with other experts and target groups during this barcamp to set hierarchies temporarily aside and to discuss relevant research questions: How to produce innovative ideas, valua-ble research results and from there ready-to-market products with sufficient market maturity? Which communication channels can be recommended to reach the consumers with this innovations? And how does politics react according to these phenomena? Does the societal structures and working worlds change, and where are the future perspectives? Barcamps are research symposiums of the new century. Visionaries share their ideas, talk openly about effective business and collaboration concepts, and will be feasible to exchange important experiences. Just in the sense of Tim O’Reilly who was interested in software details after his master in classical studies, made the label "Web 2.0" popular and can be seen as the inventor of the barcamp format.

The following schedule is planned:
Time Monday, 20 March Wednesday, 22 March Friday, 24 March
Topic / Hall Internet of Things /
Hall 12
Research & Innovation / Hall 6 SCALE11 /
Hall 11
9.30 a.m. Entrance and a small breakfast Entrance and a small breakfast Entrance and a small breakfast
10.00 a.m. Introduction and sessionpitch Introduction and sessionpitch Introduction and sessionpitch
11.00 a.m. 1st session 1st session 1st session
12.00 a.m. 2nd session 2nd session 2nd session
13.00 p.m. Short feedback round 3rd session Short feedback round
14.00 p.m.   Short feedback round  

Your participation also includes access to the CeBIT Exhibition.


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