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The rapid digital transformation of our economy and society is also the over-arching theme of this year´s CeBIT. Were the recent changes of individual business processes discussed amongst firms over the past years, will now digital technologies and services for long become the most important feature for more and more enterprises?

To the four basic innovations from the past years - Cloud Computing , Big Data , Mobility , Social Media – two more can be added: Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, which started accelerating already dynamic markets even more.

How should then companies strategically react to this fundamental change in order to better use these futur new opportunities at their best?

Cyber Security


In a digitalized 21st century, companies need to protect their clients database, their communication and above all the results of their research and development from unauthorized third party access. Should a data loss be revealed, an inmense trustloss would follow and even threaten the existence of the whole firm now and then. Online-criminals however broaden their technical skills thanks to new technologies’ development, which allows them to attack State Instances and Organizations even harder.

The growing urgency triggers a call for competence in cyber-security – nationally and internationally. Where are the dangers and how can we respond to them? How do future threats look like to companies and organizations?

The Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT)

In 2020, more than 30 billion machines and devices will be connected to Internet. Via efficient broadband networks, they exchange data with their environment and interact simultaneously.

They will be in the position to learn and hence to better function in order to respond more efficiently to that environment. Using such smart devices in a connected infrastructure offers an enormous potential for an optimized and sustainable production as well as the ressources for new intelligent services. No one can deny that we are standing in front of the "most disruptive era of IT history".

What experiences exist in companies and on which strategies rely the success of the way into the Internet of Things ?

Artificial Intelligence


There is currently barely no other concept which dominates more discussions about Digitalisation than Artificial Intelligence (AI). When some emphasize on the enormous potential of new technologies and processes, others warn against loss of control and existential risks.

Even if Robots similarly doted with human being intelligence and mobility are still decades away, AI based programs and assistants have since long found their way to our everyday life. We use language as communication tool with machines and let Apps suggest us books to read or trendy restaurants.Of course, we also want to determine which manipulative strenght can Artificial Intelligence have.

How do upcoming technology developments look like? Is an Ethic code necessary to control Artificial Intelligence and should States legally regulate it?

Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR)


After the first uses of data glasses, which failed in fulfilling the high expectancies, the tremendous success of Pokemon GO worldwide brought back the attention on AR applications in the eye of the general public.

The main Idea stayed still however fascinating: AR does not replace real surroundings by artificial visualisations but expands the visuals with virtual objects and information components.

Even though data goggles are now finally available on the market at reasonable prices, it is still unclear which specific use and which hardware will provoke the switch from niche market to very large amount of users. The potential certainly does sound great. more

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