CeBIT 2017, 20 - 24 March

CeBIT 2017, 20 - 24 March
CeBIT Global Conferences

The LOFT – Experience Technology

The No. 1 exhibition for your high-tech vision. Unashamedly in-your-face and totally awesome – and only 10 spaces available. If you’re looking for a creative and innovative presentation platform for you and your company, then this is the showcase for you.

The LOFT at CeBIT – where the stuff of science fiction becomes reality. Visit the LOFT, where 70 million year-old dinosaurs are alive and well, holograms are par for the course, and cyborgs talk about man-machine hybrids.

The Loft will house a series of three-dimensional installations that will trace the digital transformation phenomenon in various areas of personal and working life. The focus will be not so much on the transformational technologies themselves as on the way we use and experience them every day. The LOFT will be open to all CeBIT guests.

Call for participation - Be part of the action!

You too can showcase your technology vision in one of 10 experiential showrooms at our "THE LOFT – Experience Technology" exhibition.

For 2017, we're looking for utterly amazing projects on the following topics: Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), d!conomy, Internet of Things (IoT) and Cyber Security.

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Conference hall 8 - Overview

The LOFT is right in the middle the heart of CeBIT Global Conferences. With seating for up to 300 plus live webcasting, the three stages of CeBIT Global Conferences are the place where the Who’s Who of the digital economy, society and political circles give high-powered keynotes and engage in lively talks, panel discussions and presentations.

Access for all CeBIT visitors:


Access with conference ticket only:

  • Sakura Stage (300 PAX / live / webcast)
  • Ginkgo Stage (300 PAX / live / webcast)
  • Bamboo Stage (150 PAX)

Your Advantages:

  • Full Event access to the CeBIT Global Conferences
  • Access to the amazing CeBIT Global Conferences Party
  • Part of exhibitor list at the website
  • Workshop Space available
  • Meeting rooms available
  • Speaking slot at the Sakura or Ginkgo Stage
  • Part of the Guided Tours (1- 2 tours per day)


5 days | approx. 20 sqm
Wireless network, Power strip with multiple outlets

€ 12,500
Rent-a- lounge
5 days | approx. 20 sqm
Wireless network, Power strip with multiple outlets
€ 12,500
Workshop Labs
Per hour € 600

Video - The Loft

CeBIT Global Conferences - The Loft CeBIT Global Conferences - The Loft
0:52 min

CeBIT Global Conferences - Hall 8: You might have seen our Loft already, but here is the complete walkaround.

Pitch your Product @ #cgc17

Open Stage - Image by Dan Taylor

6 speakers in 60 minutes

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